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Prelinger Archives
by U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense
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Optimistic vision of fallout and civil defense countermeasures.
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Topic: Atomic-nuclear: Civil defense
Prelinger Archives
by Bonica (Joe)
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Early atomic weapons testing.
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Topics: Atomic-nuclear: Weapons, Cold War
Universal Newsreels
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JFK speaks on Cuban Missile Crisis - "Soviet military buildup on the island of Cuba" - "a strict quarantine on all offensive military equipment has been initiated" - "clandestine, reckless" - JFK had meeting with Gromyko (partial newsreel)
Universal Newsreels
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Adlai Stevenson at UN speaks on Cuban Missile Crisis; Castro builds up defenses in Cuba; cameras installed in airplane, photos show details, MiG-21 jets, OAS endorsed US in 20-0 vote, Dean Rusk shown at this meeting; Guantanamo base marines arrive; UN building exterior, Adlai Stevenson speaks (complete newsreel)
Short Format Films
by Joint Task Force 8
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This Dominic I video provides a visual overview of 36 atmospheric nuclear devices detonated in the Pacific Proving Ground from April to November 1962. It was the last atmospheric nuclear test series conducted by the United States. Also, Dominic I was the largest and most elaborate U.S. testing operation ever conducted. In geographic terms, the diagnostic stations receiving data from the tests covering more than 15 million square miles. According to the video, Operation Dominic I was prompted by...
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Topics: Operation Dominic, Dominic, atomic, nuclear, Cuba, Cuban Missile Crisis, John Kennedy, Nikita...